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14th July

You may know it as Bastille Day as it is referred to around the world, but in France it is known as La ‘Fête Nationale’ and here in Brittany, I never hear anyone called it anything other than  ‘le quatorze juillet’.  It commemorates the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison during the French Revolution and the celebrations held a year later, in 1790 to mark the conclusion of the revolution.

There will be a huge parade in Paris and fireworks all weekend the length and breadth of France. In Brittany many of the celebrations and pyrotechnics are held at the coast with displays over the sea creating a magical effect. It stays light well into the evening in Brittany so many displays start at 11pm or even later, after it has finally got dark.  The atmosphere is delightful with families and people of all ages gathering together to mark this national event.