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Artichokes in Brittany

Driving around Brittany from around May and throughout summer you will see fields of artichokes growing and you will definitely see them amongst the fresh, seasonal produce on market stalls. You have to try them, they delicious and raw or cooked, can be enjoyed in a range of dishes with varied flavours.

An unusual vegetable with green or purple bracts, artichokes are known for both their distinctive flavour and high nutritional value. Brittany accounts for 80% of all artichokes in France. Why? Because artichokes thrive in the region’s soil and climate, as well as under the expertise of Breton producers of course!

Hailing originally from the Mediterranean, artichokes have been an agricultural feature in Brittany since 1810. Major producer, Prince de Bretagne currently sells 45,000 tonnes of the uniquely shaped vegetable every year, making it France’s leading artichoke producer.

Most production is along Brittany’s northern coast, from Conquet to Paimpol, via Saint-Pol-de-Léon. Care must be taken when cultivating the artichoke, as it suffers in both winter chills and summer heat so it is perfectly at home in Brittany with its temperate climate.

Don’t be afraid of cooking or eating artichokes, it couldn’t be easier to cook them – 20 minutes in boiling water and they are truly delicious, a great flavour of summer.