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Le Pays de Conomor – The Abbey of Bon Repos Le Son et Lumiere de Bretagne : 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th &10th August

As night falls on a few nights in summer, the Abbey of Bon Repos is transformed into an open air theatre for a magical spectacle tracing the history of Central Brittany.

To tell the stories of the great events of this area, we have chosen certain paths to follow. The covered walkways of Liscuis, the ancient Roman road from Rennes to Carhaix, Castel Finans (Conomor’s castle built on the banks of the Blavet), the Cistercian Abbey of Bon Repos and the canal from Nantes to Brest are the most representative and important places and events.

A historical fresco which, for two hours, covers a stage of 2 hectares with, as its backdrop, the façade of the Abbey. A Gallic village to one side and Conomor’s château to the other, frame the scene.

Thousands of costumes, props and accessories, wagons, handcarts, coaches, are all created and made to enhance the story. 400 people, 35 horses, a pack of hunting hounds with huntsmen and horn blowers, farm animals all take part in this impressive production that has already transported more than 150 000 spectators from the Neolithic to the Revolution. An unforgettable journey through time with the story unfolding in scene after scene.

Enlivened by a superb musical soundtrack and pyrotechnic effects, illustrated by giant images projected onto the façade of the Abbey, the scenes will hold you spellbound, rich in emotion and where the unexpected awaits you.
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