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Australians buying a property in Brittany

fr_flagsWe have been asked for information regarding Australian citizens buying French property. It is 100% easy, there are no restrictions at all and we have sold to quite a few Australians here in Brittany over the last couple of years.

We understand that you are buying from a distance and will be happy to provide photographs, floor plans and virtual tours of the properties which really interest serious buyers. Liaise with an agent well before your buying trip to make the most of your valuable time on the ground in France.

Having the house as a holiday home is easy and if you plan to spend fewer than 90 days here within a 180 day period you should not need a visa. If you are likely to exceed the 90 days then you can apply for a visa. To find out more about this check out Schengen rules.

A holiday home makes great sense, France is a really affordable and safe place to buy and own property, it is culturally rich and offers you an ideal springboard to discover the rest of Europe. Renting the property out when you are not using it is also a good way of offsetting costs.

To live in France full time you will need to research your own situation with professional advisers; we can recommend some if you wish You will probably need to obtain a long stay visa and if you stay for over half the year, you should be fiscally resident in France which will mean paying tax on your worldwide income and could make you subject to French Wealth Tax.

To find out more we recommend you to choose your preferred region and start to engage with a Leggett agent. Most of us have relocated from our country of birth so we understand the thought processes and voyage of discovery you are going through.