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23rd British Film Festival at Dinard 3rd – 7th October 2012

Since 1990 the Dinard British Film Festival and British film production have experienced a similar progression. While the number of films produced in the United Kingdom doubled during this period, the Festival has seen its reputation and attendance growing. The Dinard event has become – through extensive media coverage – a an important gateway for films aiming to conquer the European market.

The event also allows distributors to discover films and therefore provides future screening venues throughout the network. It is also a launch-pad for previews and films which have won awards such as the coveted ‘Hitchcock d’Or’ at Dinard include : Shallow Grave (1994), The Full Monty (1997), Billy Elliot (2000), Bloody Sunday (2002) and Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003).

The festival runs over 5 days with 5 screening venues showing 30 features including 80% previews, 22 short films and 6 films in competition. This year there will be a strong focus on Welsh cinema.

The Official Poster for Dinard’s 23rd British Film Festival is  a creation from the famous Spanish painter Mariano Otero. The posters are keenly collected in the region and always feature iconic British imagery.

The city of Dinard is a bath resorts that was frequented by the British who flocked across the Channel in the late 19th century. The town feels like a chic Brighton, in some ways, particularly since some streets are even named after famous Brits.

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